Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Easily amused, easily outraged

So I somehow find it amusing when, randomly, atop the e-mail inbox the first subject line (from a newspaper e-newsletter) says "Morning News: 4 arrested in illegal alien scheme" and the very next subject line right below (from a social networking site) is "4 people awaiting your response." It looks like some kind of cosmic sign or direction from the universe, instead of a coincidence.

Now, about the Oscars. For those of you who haven't been paying attention, the illustrious Academy has expanded the field this year, allowing ten nominees for the Best Picture Oscar instead of five. This is dumb for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are 1)it capitulates to money-grubbing studios who are grubbing money instead of making quality films and 2)everyone needs to just chill the f out for a second about The Dark Knight, which was not in fact the greatest film ever. However, I have just recently realized why it is not only a stupid move, but an outrageous one, and that is...

What about AMC Theatres' Best Picture Nominee showcase?!?!? AMC, the theater chain which I adore, has been annually showing all five best picture nominees in one whopping all-day marathon on Saturday the day before the Oscars. Which is a totally awesome thing for them to do and for you to attend. Especially those of you who, unlike me, have not long since seen the five best pic nominees when Oscars weekend rolls around. And now?! What? Will they still do it? Will they do it on Friday and Saturday, the two days before the Oscars? Will they do it for two Saturdays, including the previous week's? Will they do it the two days of the previous weekend? Or will they (gasp!) be unable to do it and fewer people able to attend it anyway because of the dumb Academy's dumb change in the number of dumb nominees?

Before, I was mad. Now, on behalf of AMC and all the cool people who went to the all-day nominees showcase, I am livid!!!

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