Friday, October 16, 2009

Games and children

Go Dodgers! Best to get that out of the way at the beginning, lest you think I'm doing something insane like rooting for the Skankees or the Anaheim California Angels of Los Angeles Orange County. And if the Phillies beat the Dodgers? Then, sigh. Because it's still the World Series, so even if it's two teams that don't really do it for me, who cares? It's the World Series, people! I just love the baseball.

I have had lots of time this week to lie around watching baseball and runaway balloons that may or may not contain a Falcon, because I have been sick for six ugly days. I have chosen to blame this on the fact that I worked a couple days surrounded by small children last week as a substitute at a Montessori day care. I don't think you're actually supposed to call it "day care" in Montessori-world, but you know what I mean. The "Children's House," that's what they call it. I personally don't find the term "day care" offensive, but then, I don't find classrooms and desks and math books offensive either.

At any rate, small Montessori children cough like other children, and I have had the sorest of throats! I even went to a doctor here in the G Rap, who ruled out both strep throat and swine flu. I was very amused that the doctor and nurse rolled their eyes upon hearing the C-word ("Cigna"). Poor Cigna. Why do they suck so much? Why can't they just, you know, pay for things and provide reasonable answers when you call them and update their web site and ... oh, never mind. When are we turning socialist again? I keep waiting!

In other sporting news, you may know that tomorrow my Trojans head to South Bend to beat the Irish into smithereens. The longstanding USC-Notre Dame rivalry is one of the greatest in college sports, or at least that's what some announcer will say at some point tomorrow. I just like to see my victorious Trojans do their thang, and one thing Brian and I can agree on is rooting against Notre Dame. Tomorrow we shall do just that. The only shame is being so close to South Bend - but not having tickets to the game. You don't have two tickets lying around you meant to offer to me, do you?

Happy sixth birthday to my nephew!

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