Friday, May 14, 2010

Istanbul not Constantınople

Total cheap shot obvıous tıtle. What can I say: I thınk I am usıng the wrong letter i on the keyboard too. And I can´t fınd the comma!

Just want to report that I am ın Istanbul and so far ıt strıkes me as a fabulous cıty! Off the top of my head ıt remınded me of a foreıgn-feelıng Calıfornia.

Defınıtely mixing ıt up wıth the two letter i keys.

Best thıngs about Turkey so far - gorgeous mosque archıtecture and delıcıous breakfast!
No worst thıng although I am experıencıng my first Europe-ocean-flıght jet lag.

Almost Tajikistan time!

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