Friday, May 07, 2010

It's going to be a rough one

Soon, I will sleep, because not-quite-as-soon I will wake up, because then we will head to downtown Grand Rapids to run the River Bank Run, the annual 25K race for which thousands flock to West Michigan. Only, that whole weather thing? The one where it would be nice to have, you know, a little sun and a few clouds and maybe a temperature between 56-64 degrees? Yeah, no.

Instead the temperature is plummeting and the forecast is wind, rain, and other nasty pelting coldness. And here I was worried that my favorite running shirt would be too warm! Instead, it might be too thin and I might have to upgrade to the warmer, thicker one. As for the rain itself, I'm toast. I have a headband and gloves, but no hat and no rain gear. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns are having a rough go of it their own selves tonight, although they persevere (as will I!) You know, NBA refs have their fair share of issues and people have certainly analyzed and/or complained about them enough that I don't really need to re-open that debate, but I will say this: if I were going to "fix" the NBA refereeing, I would sit all those nice young men down and give them a damn physics lesson. It's as if they know nothing about trajectory and laws of motion and force. When two objects are moving at each other and they collide, if one then falls down it doesn't mean the other flagrantly fouled him. I mean, sure, energy and motion can be tough. But have you ever played pool for goodness' sake?

I love the Suns this year. I have hope! I, however, will be missing out on some sports watching due to jetting off to Tajikistan soon. It's kind of a nice way to cap off the spring of training, training, training, so much running and training for this 25K. Which is now going to be in the rain, wind, maybe even snow, they said. Ugh.

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