Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eleven Finals Pipers Piping

Contracts Contracts Contracts. More and more contracts until they spill out of my ears. A sea of contracts. Man, am I glad it's the first final. Come Wednesday midday, it will be done.

So, have I learned what I need to know about it? Well, this amazing thing happens now as I go back and actually read the text I've blown off all semester. I realize I know things. Also, I argue with the text. A lot.

It should be called (How to Get Out of) Contracts class. And it infuriates me.

So after my blood pressure is all high from Contracts I turn to Criminal Law which is philosophical as all get out -- and I love it.

I have mastered the mental states. Did s/he do it purposefully? Knowingly? Recklessly? Or merely negligently? I have been applying them to others in my life all semester. There are many, many guilty people I know...

Pipe on, pipers...

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