Friday, December 15, 2006

Six Days of Final Geese a-laying

I love Criminal Law class. Have I mentioned that? I do believe I have. If not here, then on MySpace. I blog there occasionally, too. Don't worry, Blogspot, I'm not cheating on you with MySpace. We're just friends. MySpace serves a totally different purpose in my life. Oh, ha ha ha, I crack myself up. Either that or I've cracked. What could it be? The lack of sleep? The plentiful finals? The stressful vibes ricocheting off of my classmates as we take them? I actually had to get up and move seats today because of the stressful vibes and prominent gum chewing of a fellow traveler who came to sit behind me. Oh, dear, it appears I'm breaking my own self-imposed rule of not blogging about my Hofstra Law peeps. Well, that's all right, I didn't want to sit by the window anyway. Originallly, I did, when I arrived (early! ha!) for the exam. I took a seat by the slightly open window. It reminded me of that 80s movie Summer School. I thought I might gaze out at the quad between questions, dreaming of movies and Mexican food...but the unpredictable drafts were bugging me, so I switched to a seat in an inner aisle in search of more constant temperature. Anyway--yeah. Loved Crim, loved the professor, and loved the final. Consider it mentioned.

What I forgot to mention yesterday is that Renee Zellweger irritates me. A lot. And, of course, she was nominated AGAIN this year. She's such a freaking darling of the Hollywood Foreign Press and other nominating entities. UGH. I suppose I'll go see Miss Potter. Whatever, Zellweger.

The next two finals are Torts and Civ Pro. Torts on Monday, Civ Pro on Wednesday. They are the middle children. My first final, Contracts, was my most loathed class and most dreaded final. Criminal Law, which I just took, was a beloved class and my most eagerly anticipated final. Upcoming Torts was also a beloved class, but the final will be hard. Good hard, but likely hard nonetheless. Civ Pro was a class I could take or leave, but the professor had his charm, so I mostly took. However, I would say that is the one final I actually need to review for. Which is why I'm glad it's last. But I don't really dread it, so much as I am not in the mood to study. I have done some reviewing for it, though. I haven't been sticking perfectly to my review schedule, but I haven't entirely blown it off either. I'm telling you, middle children.

I do believe that's all I really have to say as the days dwindle to six. From swans to geese.

You know, as I learned from a fabulous book of my childhood, Tarantulas on the Brain, swans are not nice creatures. They are nasty and can break your bones with a swat of their wings. That whole ugly-duckling-turning-into-a-swan myth should be disregarded. You think they're beautiful, but they can be vicious, and maybe you don't really want to be like them at all.

Did anyone go watch The Paper Chase yet???

"You could be this man, he's got it all worked out
to the Nth degree, no fears no doubts
He'll retire at 30 to his big-ass house next to the putting green...
Now, you could be this woman, she's the CEO
She's got her power suit and her IPOs
She punched a hole in the ceiling years ago
and she hasn't pulled back since...

Funny now how it all went by so fast
One day she's looking over her shoulder at the past
when everybody had to go had to be had to get somewhere
Somehow she forgot about what got her there...
Accidents and inspiration lead you to your destination!
Or you could be the one who takes the long way home
Roll down your window, turn off your phone
See your life as a gift from the great unknown,
and your task is to receive it
Tell your kid a story, hold your lover tight,
make a joyful noise, swim naked at night,
read a poem a day, call in well sometimes,
and laugh when they believe it!
Funny now how it all goes by so fast..."

--mary-chapin carpenter, 'the long way home'

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