Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So that's Law School 3, Leisure Pursuits 0.

First it was The Name of the Rose thrusting law school back in my face, as chronicled on my literary supplement, even though it's supposedly my long-awaited leisure reading novel now that the casebooks have been stowed away for the summer. Then it was the fact that at the first social gathering I attended back here in Boston I found myself talking to other law students inside thirty seconds.

And now, here I am watching a little M*A*S*H Season 4 on DVD (courtesy of Netflix, of course) and whom should BJ quote in a letter home but Justice Oliver Wendell Homes: "War is an organized bore." (Which, BJ adds, just might explain Frank Burns.) Good ol' Holmes. Thought I'd have a reprieve from his endless quotes (chock full of wisdom as they may be), but no.

Later in the same episode, though, we get the goods: Frank and then Hawkeye "teaching English" to some Koreans hired to be wards in the hospital. "Do-you-have-a-fever?" dictation quickly morphs into Frank's: "Bet-ter-dead-than-red" and "Get-us-out-of-the-U.N." Good times.

Maybe Leisure Pursuits does score one after all.

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