Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spring CAN really hang you up the most

Remember last May 1st? I do. And part of why I do is that with the dawning of the new month (a merry merry month! and one of my favorites!) I became extraordinarily happy, leaving nasty miserable April (the cruelest month) behind.

That happened in Korea. I'd kind of forgotten about it, until yesterday, here in New York. I was delighted yesterday. I woke up to a lovely morning, I was happy it was May, it was the last day of classes, I don't know...lots of things...I just like May. And as it struck me how much better May tends to be than April (in my world, at least) I suddenly remembered last May 1st in Korea. Man, it was a mood shift of immense proportions. I think I scared my friends there. Last April had wrought such havoc. Last May was destined to bring great things. And indeed it did.

Will this May be just as glorious? MAYbe! Is it a birthday thing? A weather thing? A T.S. Eliot thing? I don't know. But damn, I like May!

I'm moving into finals studying now. Yesterday saw the completion of my attendance of first-year-classes. They fed us ice cream to celebrate. A little law school ice cream social. Or, sociable, if you're in The Music Man. I was highly entertained sitting around outside the law school with some third-year friends. They were DONE done. No more law school classes for them, ever. It was fascinating. I just wanted to watch them freak out and contemplate things like being done, taking the bar exam, facing reality. This mainly took the form of them reciting their personal numbers. As in, their total of student loan debt. One would say, "$98,000." Another would say, "98? That's nothing. My number's over 200. " "I've got 175," a third would chime in. And so it went.

Have I mentioned that I came to Hofstra for the sole purpose of taking advantage of a big scholarship and attempting to avoid such a number if/when I complete law school? Wow. I so don't want that much debt. Seriously. Ever.

But that means I have to do well on my finals. So, I am studying. Today I reviewed Property. A lot. And I realized something awesome. Lately I've been watching Season 2 of Lost on DVD (from Netflix, of course!) After initially being a devoted follower of Season 1, I basically dropped out after the first year because I missed Season 2 entirely while I was in Korea. (Hmmm, weird how that sentence could be a description of some other things too...oh, never mind.) So lately I've been remembering that it really is quite the good show. But today I realized it's also a fabulous case study for Property.

I'm at the part now where they're interrogating my-balloon-crashed-or-is-he-an-other in the hatch, and thinking of raising an army after scary bearded dude told them, "This is OUR island" while threatening to kill Kate. And Sawyer's got the guns and medical supplies now, and Hurley's got more of the food than he's letting on, and Sun is cultivating the land with her garden, and Locke just called it "MY hatch." It's all about acquisition by discovery, conquest, capture, and so forth. Which is exactly what I'm reviewing for Property! And my very philosophical Property text poses questions about how humans relate to things, and what it means to own things, and how private ownership of things changes? benefits? people rather than communal ownership. And so on.

So yeah. My DVD viewing is totally helping me to review for finals. Does life get any better than that? I told you May is awesome.

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