Tuesday, May 15, 2007

This was the week that was, sure was

Well. Huh. Yeah. I am past the 14-hour mark. What that means is that slightly more than 13 hours from now I will be done with my first year of law school!!!!!!! Oh, that sentence is worthy of even more exclamation marks than that. The only question is, am I worthy? I am currently mired in the mud of procrastination and the situation is dire. I think I've maxed out. This entire week has been one giant roller coaster of finals, death, exam-administering issues, funeral, family, train rides, car rides, doctors, pills, injuries, work, slogging through...and pray tell, what does it mean to have a birthday in the middle of all of that? Seriously? I think it means I certainly didn't have a philosophical Reflective Birthday Life Moment this year. Who had time to ponder the meaning of life?

I swear to god, I think what I'm most looking forward to is picking up the novel I had to set aside a couple weeks ago, even though I was only a third of the way through it. (As noted today on the literary supplement.) Well, that and the karaoke.

Oh, and getting the !@#* off of Long Island! On Sunday as my uncle drove me back from the family/funeral in western Massachusetts, and as I guided him from parkway to parkway to parkway to parkway (yes, there are four, FOUR! after the Throgs Neck Bridge here in this, the land of strip malls and parkways), I looked at the glow of the setting sun falling upon Long Island and thought, "Good god I hate this place! I'm so happy I get to leave in nine days!" And now, my friends, it's a mere seven more days here. Seven days and a wake-up, as they say.

And as for the final, for which I am decidedly not preparing at the moment? ONE. DAY. MORE.

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