Tuesday, January 08, 2008

There Will Be Oscars

Since my post of a few days ago, we saw There Will Be Blood. It was stunning and I will be pleased if it wins, among other things, Best Picture. The score was stunning, like nothing you've heard before. If it doesn't win the original score Oscar, it will be a tragedy.

An even bigger tragedy will be if there is no Oscar ceremony at all. Maybe you've heard that the Golden Globe winnners will be announced this Sunday in a press conference because of this damn writers' strike. I am all kinds of annoyed. I can't even talk about it. I'm just livid and I want these people to work their crap out. Strike against creative content for new shows, if you must, but let the awards ceremonies go on! UGH. Cut off your nose to spite your face much?

I'm actually, honestly, possibly even more distraught about Awards season and the loss of the Golden Globes than I am about election season and the loss to this fool nation if you don't put Hillary in office.

I have officially, therefore, lost faith in just about everybody. If in one week, Hollywood, D.C., Iowa, and New Hampshire let me down? Time to flee the country again, I suppose.

But I title this blog post with the audacity of my own hope...

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jnap said...

Well, I hope you have hope... I am ever grateful that Iowa caucuses are not the election, and there will be other parts to the process before it is all said and done...