Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two little Oscar addenda thingies

The Bad News
Well, I found out why There Will Be Blood is not nominated for Original Score, and it saddens me immensely. Jonny Greenwood's brilliant compositions, used to such powerful effect, such stirring, amazing, musical moments...well, they were "diluted by pre-existing music" and thus disqualified by the Academy. Greatly, greatly saddened am I. I suppose he could have been considered to have composed an Original Song instead? Or do they have time limits for those? Argh. Besides then I suppose Enchanted would have had to sacrifice one of its three spots in the song category. Jesus.

The Good News
Michael Moore rules! In his latest newsletter he thanks everyone who's congratulated him on Sicko being nominated for Best Documentary Feature. He says that every reporter calling him this week has asked him whether, if he wins, he will make another anti-war speech. Remember 2003 when he said he makes non-fiction films but we live in a fictitious time with a fictitious president who takes us into his war for fictitious reasons? I loved it. You'll notice, as Mike points out in this newsletter, that whereas five years ago he was critiqued by many, this year three of the five Documentary Feature nominees are about how f**ked the Iraq war is. Well, well, well. I don't want to say "we told you so" I'll just go back now to watching Snakes on a Plane.

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