Saturday, January 05, 2008

Your favorite blogs

OK, so I'm not one of those mad blog readers. I don't check in with a bazillion blogs every day; in fact, much like with television and YouTube, I often find blogs I come across to be frankly not that interesting. However, also like television and YouTube, I'm sure there is much that I'm missing solely for not having yet come across it. (Maybe not so much with the YouTube.)

Instead of being a blogophile, I tend to read the same dozen or so blogs regularly and frequently, with a few that I check regularly but infrequently, and then of course all my friends who blog on MySpace. (That counts, it's just part of my "MySpacing" in my head, rather than my "blog reading." Different life categories, I tell you.) Unfortunately, several of the friends whose blogs I adore reading are in serious dry spells right now. (You know who you are.)

And so, I decided, what better time to ask everyone to suggest to me a blog or blogs I should be reading?

Here, or via email, or whatever, tell me your favorite blog or two that I'm absolutely missing out on. I kind of would prefer personality-driven general bloggage, but I'm open to considering specialty/subject matter. There are some things I don't want, however. No crafts only blogs (I must admit my eyes start to glaze over when it becomes all about stitch-n'-bitching), no more "all about me parenting my fabulously cute kid" especially if it involves multiple stories about bodily functions, and no photos only blogs. Actually, I don't mind suggestions for photography blogs, but suggest me something to READ, too. OK? Thanks.

New Year, new blogs!

(And to those of you neglecting your blogs, may I suggest a new year's resolution...?)


Kim Diaz said... Read her blog.

Mordena said...

Predictably, I mostly keep up with "kidlit" blogs, by librarians, editors, authors, etc. If you're interested in a few YA reading recommendations with your entertainment, I recommend "Bookshelves of Doom," which is by a librarian in Maine.