Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Happenings

Not The Happening, which is starting to get some ridicule in the reviews but which I still want to see. Last night we saw Sex and the City, which I reasonably enjoyed. For me, just as when watching the TV show, there was my enjoyment of Kim Cattrall, and then there's everyone else about sixty-five notches below that.

Heading to Detroit in a few minutes to see the Joes. Yay Joes!

Still reading Lady Chatterley's Lover as, detailed on the literary supplement. It's philosophically interesting! ("I read Playboy for the articles!") No, really though.

We went on a really lovely bike ride around this piece of Grand Rapids neighborhoodness the other evening and I thought I was in a movie about lovely summer evenings.

Soon I will talk about the bunny.

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Kim Diaz said...

I completely agree on Kim Cattrall - hear, hear!