Friday, June 06, 2008

The rains came down and the flood came up...

So I have not been nearly as wired here in Honduras as I originally thought I would be. Why? Well, on Tuesday afternoon the regular afternoon rainstorm blew in, just as we were closing up shop at our work site, as usual. Then it came down hard and fast. And harder. And faster. And more and more and more and by the end of our 15- or 20-minute ride home the rivers washing through the streets were up over the curb and taking out trees, and our friendly driver person was letting us know there hadn´t been an afternoon storm like this in years. Then he asked us if we remembered Hurricane Mitch. Not comforting words from ol´driver Hector, there! (That really is his name, Hector, by the way.)

Anyway, among other things the storm knocked out the power twice that evening and at the end of it all our little B&B´s computer was out for the count. Rumor has it there was no surge protector but all I know is that now we have to take a few minutes to dash into an internet cafe if we want to connect and while they are cheap and not far away, spare time is not really the m.o. of this trip. Nor is walking around this dangerous city alone.

So, I just didn´t want my adoring fans to think I had forgotten you. I have many stories to tell, including my sickness and convalescence, the Honduran national team´s important victory in a soccer game against Puerto Rico that has them headed in the World Cup direction, and the very inspiring school and home for children (mostly orphans) with HIV that we visited and to which we donated many things.

But those stories will wait. Or rather, you will wait for them.

By the way, yes I am getting all the Hillary news here, and it´s annyoing me, and I´m glad I´ll be on my way to the airport Saturday instead of listening to the capitulation. When I return to the U.S. I will tell you all about my trip and then get my write-in campaign started. Ha!

It has been tiring but wonderful here. I love the family for whom we built the house and very much enjoyed our lunch and closing ceremony with them today. I am exhausted and excited to return home and full of thoughts and all that other good stuff. Yay Honduras!

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jnap said...

couln't remember the return date, concerned about your well being and absolutely excited to hear about your many adventures...