Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The big apple of my eyeliner

Today, like most days, I signed on to Hotmail and skimmed one of the headline MSN lifestyle articles. (For "lifestyle" read "generally useless crap about things like fashion, celebrities, or weird news.") I'm so not putting a link to it here, because that would just encourage you to give it more hits, and it should not get more hits. It should die a lonely, terrible web death, because of a line which I will share below.

The article is called "The Dirty Dozen: 12 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making." In the first tip (the first!), which is "Wearing too much (or too little) makeup," it offers up this gem:

"Your makeup should be time and place appropriate--so what looks perfect for a big evening event shouldn't be the same as what you put on to go to the grocery store or the gym."

I should not have to point out to any of you what is wrong with that sentence. I think anyone to whom I would have to point out what I find ridiculous in that sentence is no blog reader of mine. I will add one more thing, though, for all of those (and this latter category does include blog readers of mine) who like to say L.A. is the superficial capital of the world. This bit of advice did not emanate from the City of Angels, but rather from NEW YORK CITY makeup artist Jessica Liebeskind. Well, well.

Dude, maybe people in California are more naturally beautiful, and more relaxed, and they are definitely more into the gym. At any rate, they have sunshine and a carefree lifestyle and they do not need to be as stressed out about their dumb faces as Jessica Liebeskind.



jnap said...

Oh wow! I guess I am really, really out of it. Now I am very glad that I do not belong to a gym. I would not be wearing the proper make-up, and Heaven forbid, would probably offend some other person sweating through their make up. That is an excellent reason NOT to join a gym, don't you think?

B-West said...

I must confess that I read those MSN Lifestyle thingies once in a while too. The best was when my friend sent me the link to an article from there to persuade me how wrong-headed organic food is. Dumb. That's okay though- in his pre-amble he told me not to mind the "redrick", by which I can only assume he meant "rhetoric".