Friday, July 04, 2008

Talk about your revolutions

Fourthity fourthity fourth! Happy Independence Day, oh United Statesian readers of mine. We are soon to stroll down to the lake to enjoy some fireworks on the beach (that would be Lake Michigan). Then, another wedding of a friend of Brian's tomorrow and then our summer vacation in Michigan will come to an end. It has been nice to spend some time here and did I mention I like reading novels? The blogging hasn't been as forthcoming as it might have because my computer gets persnickety as we steal communally share the random wireless networks floating about. Brian's computer doesn't seem to have a problem but mine can only hold a connection in twenty-second intervals, apparently, which is a MAJOR pain when one wants to hold forth on the ol' blog. Or, do anything online really. It's kind of like dial-up.

Anyhoo, yay for Michigan and yay for this ol' independent country of ours (sorry Brit friends) and yay for the thought that maybe the U.S. can get its collective head out of its collective ass by next 4th of July (what can I say, I'm an optimist on holidays). (Unless I work in a Borders store on a holiday -- that'll kill any hope you had for humanity, right there.)

Number of times I've swum in Lake Michigan: 2
Number of news stories I've heard/read this week about Obama's votes in the Senate disappointing the ideals of his followers: 4
Number of pages of The Naked and the Dead I've read: 139
Number of different cities in which I've spent the 4th of July: 11 (I think)

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