Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Calling all Canadians, plus coffee and baseball

How much do I love extra innings? Answer: a lot, meaning last night's All-Star game was fantastic, in my book. I was more than happy to stay up 'til 2 a.m. watching (as Brian puts it) "free baseball." I was sad for my Atlanta Brave Brian McCann and his oh-so-close almost out tag at the plate that ended the game, mere centimeters from sending it into yet ANOTHER inning. Hooray, baseball!

I was kind of hoping the National League would win, not because (also as Brian puts it) I am a baseball fan polygamist (this is because Brian doesn't know what it's like to grow up in a sports town without a team for your favorite sport) but because the N.L. never wins. But I'm happy for my Red Sox, too. Also on my things to do list is to join the Dan Uggla fan club. He rules. I spent the last couple innings making fun of how the announcers kept talking about his error(s) because they are so dumb they have nothing worthwhile to say while they ignored the good plays he made that kept his team alive. I love that after the game reporters accosted Uggla with questions about his so-called "less-than-stellar" performance and he was like, "Whatever. I had a blast." Yay, him!

Today I was thinking about Canadians and about milk. Not at the same time. About Canadians I was wondering what all the Canadians I now know were thinking in '04 when many of us here in the U.S. would make only-half-joking comments such as, "If Bush wins the election I'm moving to Canada." I mean, did you take that as a compliment? Or as an insult, like it would take something that drastic to get us to consider living in your fair land? I'm so curious.

About milk - or even cream - I was thinking that size does matter. When I get my iced latte at Starbucks or my iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, I always get a medium (which is a "grande" at Starbucks). Any other size doesn't taste right. I was thinking about that today and I decided it's not really crazy. It's a milk to coffee ratio. Those franchises are so standardized and they dictate down to the pumps of cream or ounces of milk in a cup, right. So take DD. They have their little cream pump and if there's a certain amount in one pump, and that's perfect for a medium, you'd have to have the exactly proportionate ounce-wise amount less for the taste in a small to be perfect! But it's probably not. I think a medium is maybe 16 oz, so if a small is 12, then there'd have to be one and half pumps instead of two. But I think they would do ONE pump instead of two. Or whatever. See what I mean? Ditto on the Starbucks iced lattes, where it's even more crucial. I loathe the taste of tall ( = small) and venti ( = large) iced lattes. But grande is just right.

OK, that was my Goldilocks coffee moment.

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jnap said...

But, of course. On a hot, lazy summer night, who wants baseball to end? And why would anyone want baseball to end... It is like asking for summer vacation to end...