Friday, April 08, 2011

Donald Trump Pulling a McCain

Oh, Donald Trump. Why? Why why why? Why couldn't you just stay cool and awesome so I could like you and support you as an edgy, interesting, splashy candidate for presidency/celebrity/random attention-grabbing? You got SOOOO many points a few years back when you totally schooled Wolf Blitzer about the George W. Bush murderous wars and lies. Donald, when I watched you in that interview, I was so mightily impressed I didn't think I would ever have to go back from liking you. You looked Wolfy in the face as he sat there yammering about how Bush et. al. thought there were WMDs and you said, "Come on. I don't believe that. And I don't think you believe that. You're a smart young man. You know as well as I did that Bush lied." You did what none in the U.S. media would do: speak truth to power.

But now? First, you go on Piers Morgan jabbering about China being our "enemy," like our straight up legit enemy, and not in some quasi-meta-economic way but seriously. You're wrong Donald. And by the way? We don't want another president who's out looking for enemies in the world instead of trying to make friends. Then, this week, you decide to join the birthers? The birthers? Of all people! Please tell me this is a joke. Please tell me you're doing this to attract all the crazy right-wing fringe to yourself so you can stop worrying about the Palin-Beck-Gingrich-sometimes-Huckabee wackiness and just get Romney or Giuliani or someone maybe a little bit sane to actually get the nomination.

I'm worried it's not a joke. I'm worried you have been poisioned by the same batshit-making poision they gave to John McCain sometime between his (actual) maverick days and the time when he started massively psychotic behavior like defending Bush's Iraq policies. I know that the Republican powers that be have some way of making you edgy, interesting ones lose your minds when you flirt with power in that party. Why? Why couldn't you have just stayed cool? Is this your penance for having spoken the Bush truth to Wolf?

As if it's not bad enough that our government is squaring off like my 9-year-old students and we could really use a little Millard, now we have to be disappointed by you, too.

Shame on you, The Donald.

You were so close to being awesome. Now you're just one of them.

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I'm a bit surprised you didn't know more about Trump. I think he'd make an interesting albeit dangerous president. I too was surprised by his birthers affiliation, for me that threw him from the interesting to the wierdo classification. I totally don't understand that one. I thought he was just a hard driving, eccentric egotistic businessman. Not a nut. Oh well, write him off the marginally acceptable list. Dad.