Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Proof that Sarah Palin and Reince Priebus are Lunatics

We now have official proof that Sarah Palin and, for good measure, Republican party chairman Reince Priebus are totally, utterly, completely bonkers. Menace-to-society level nuts. President Obama gets his long-form birth certificate from Hawaii (which, by the way, Hawaii is clearly so totally over the mainland freaks at this point) and releases it and says we don't have time for mainstream fools like Donald Trump to stoke the fires of fringe fools like the birthers and here we go, thank you, let's all have a nice day.

And then Sarah Palin, twit(terer) extraordinaire, and Reince Priebus say that OBAMA is using the birth certificate to distract the country from its real problems? That Obama is?!?!?

They are crazy. Why do any of you people take them seriously? Why??

The only thing I can take seriously about the Republican party and/or right-wing evangelicals at this point is that they willingly put violent warmonger George W. Bush and his murderous crew in the White House to go kill and torture tens of thousands of innocent people to protect their bullshit Texas oil money. You people in the United States need to stop bitching about gasoline prices at the pump and start bitching about the cost of gasoline, in blood and lies.


raine studios said...

I wish you would stop lumping me in with people who take Palin seriously.

linda said...

Lumping you?