Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's not that I loved law school less,
but that I loved brackets more

It's the Ides of March! I love the Ides of March! So much Ides love. And I have many things to say about this day, but unfortunately I must not stop working on my Appellate Brief That Has Taken Over My Life But Is Nearly Finished If I Could Just Stop Obsessively Checking Every Five Seconds...

But my NCAA bracket! I have to know. It's tempting, ever so tempting, to alt-tab away from my Table of Authorities and Bright v. Baesler and de novo standard of review. But I must keep going. I am so close. I see the light at the end of the appellate brief tunnel. So, tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow...oh, wrong play) I will tell all about my joyous Ides of March. For now, I invite you to fondly recall last year's Ides of March, wherein I educated many a Korean child about the soothsayer's warning to Caesar. Frankly, I could really use a soothsayer for my bracket. But I guess I'm all right. So far I have nine right and three wrong.

Et tu, Duke?

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