Friday, March 02, 2007

Weeks End

Today is Friday. (Ahhh, remember when I taught my Korean students what "TGIF" really means? They only knew the restaurant chain, which, along with Outback Steakhouse, has quite a presence in Korea. Good times.) Normally on Fridays I have my AA meeting (that's Appellate Advocacy) in the morning, but today class was cancelled due to a death in my professor's family. I'm rather sad for him. It's also weird. I've been thinking a lot of random thoughts about death lately (but don't take that the wrong way) for a variety of reasons. Two of the main ones are 1)ailing members of my own family and 2)reading In Cold Blood (which gets somewhat chronicled on this blog's so-called literary supplement).

I don't really have a point, other than the weirdness of it all. Oh, and the weirdness of time passing. Like, it's already March. Hello? Despite how delightful I found this particular dawning of a new month, again for a variety of reasons, the little yellow blossoms that replace February's snowflakes on my cell phone's calendar not the least among them, I am also a bit overwhelmed by the March-ness of it all. And not just because the Oscars are over, The Vagina Monologues are over, I need to find a softball team, I still never made it skiing, I have to do my taxes, I haven't decided which basketball team to root for (I was distracted for a second there when I briefly pretended I thought USC had a shot at Sweet Sixteening it up) and I really need to finish my appellate brief (for aforementioned Appellate Advocacy) because we are about to move into the oral arguments portion of the semester.

Um - but life is interesting. It really is! That's all. I'm just glad Castro is feeling better, the very week I make substantial progress in the book I'm writing in which he is -- relevant. He's so misunderstood. Here's hoping my book won't be!

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