Thursday, March 22, 2007


I hate when the internet eats things. Or is it the computer that eats things? I was just sitting here delightedly rambling about L.A. and then I went to post the entry it and it disappeared. UGH. Well, I will give you the highlights:

  • I have Los Angeles on the brain.
  • This is partly because of my Literary Supplement blog.
  • This is partly because there is a new impulse buy CD at the Starbucks where I find myself on Thursday mornings called Sounds Electic which is put out by KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" which is the best music show ever. KCRW, oh ye uninformed, is the best public radio station ever. It's in L.A. What I find most intriguing and delightful about the CD is the design on the cover featuring the L.A. subway system. So many people don't even know L.A. has a subway system. But I know! I've ridden it! I love it! Also, L.A. has a better bus system than Boston. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS, people. That's all I'm sayin'.
  • Meanwhile, earlier today one of my friends was blogging about Al Gore and wind and she called him a hypocrite and I think An Inconvenient Truth was a crap film but I do like wind power and I think there are lots of gas-guzzling, energy-sucking hypocrites as my friend pointed out but they sure as hell aren't all in L.A. and you should all watch Who Killed the Electric Car?
  • And hello!!! USC and UCLA are both in the Sweet 16! I am so happy with my Trojans. I was going to give up on them a while back and just chalk it up to another crappy basketball year from my football-lovin' alma mater, but instead they are so going to come through, I swear it! I am all about a championship game between USC and Kansas. The rest of my bracket is a laugh. I have only six right in the sixteen. But my L.A. schools are so there!
  • And now I'm off to go watch UCLA beat Pittsburgh.
  • It's kind of fun to summarize a blog entry you just wrote, but that's no excuse for little web gremlins eating it.

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