Friday, April 20, 2007

The 4/20 update

I have completed my oral argument in Appellate Advocacy class. I frankly put very little stress and time into it. It was so much less painful than researching cases for a brief. Man, I hate writing legal crap. I so much prefer writing my own crap. *smiles* But, having a conversation in which I argue with someone and think on my feet and rationalize my point of view in the face of whatever he throws at me? Um, yeah. That's what I do.

Finals are a-comin'. Perhaps I will regale you blog readers with tales of my procrastination, which you will breathlessly await, I'm sure.

Spring seems like it has sprung, but I'll give it a couple days to make sure.

I'm 90% sure I'll live in Boston this summer, with the rest going to about 9% New York and 1% a Hofstra study abroad. I also really do want to go earn some cash in Korea, but not the whole time.

I would have registered for my next fall classes already, but our registration date has been pushed back several times, proving that the law school administration is as good at procrastinating and blowing deadlines as the students.

I'm off to the City!

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