Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And now, for something(s) completely frivolous...

This amuses me: Night of the Living Roach

I also found it amusing that my Columbia Records e-newsletter says: "It may be early spring outside, but here at Columbia Records, it's as hot as summer baby! It's like August in Phoenix up in here with our artists..." Woo-hoo Phoenix heat!

Still more amusing is this ashes to ashes, dust to dust story, as I like to think of it...

Tiger Woods, on the other hand, did not amuse me when he talked about playing golf with John Smoltz, Jeff Francoeur, and Adam LaRoche. Not because he made fun of Smoltz, but because of precisely what he said: "'John Smoltz, I hope he's watching this right now because he's my ATM machine,' Woods said." Aaaaagh. I cringe so much. It hurts me to even put that on my blog. That is my ultimate pet peeve. THE 'M' STANDS FOR MACHINE! Why, Tiger?! Why must you be redundant and say things twice? (ha)

So, to recap: the score was Amusement: 3, Pet Peeves: 1. It was looking good for amusement in the home stretch. And then I discovered MyCyberTwin. No, really. Go have a chat with my cyber alter ego.

Amusement so totally carries the day.

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Heather said...

So I had a chat with your alter ego. It interrupts me. It also called me a fecophiliac. I don't think you would call me that. I guess that's why it's your evil twin.

Thanks for the link to my blog. I will return the favor when I figure out how.